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World of Tanks
You were blessed by the universe to experience it, declare your affiliation with pride! Big Grin

Xenonauts deserves its own thread. I'll take some screenshots this weekend and set one up. I'm nearing 30 hours in that game over the last 2~3 weeks which is incredible for me given my work/life schedule.
...came for the cardboard, stayed for the camaraderie...
Xeno sounds fun, but I'd like to re-write their back-story. '58 Soviet invasion of Iceland as a cover story for first contact? I think General LeMay would have something to say about that! Which would be sad for our Russian friends. Sad


He says, taking a sip of coffee + cognac from his very own 1st Atomic Strike Force mug, signed by Dad's friend Col. Paul Tibbets
"Bugs! BUGS!!!"

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