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The Dark Valley
Very nice looking game called: The Dark Valley, from GMT games about the Eastern Front Campaign, 1941-1945.
I thought about getting it in a recent GMT sales but decided against it because of the 1/2" counters. I went with Roads to Moscow and Navajo Wars instead but neither has yet to hit the table.
I thought the same thing about the 1/2 counters but visually they are very clear and easy to read. All the components are first rate and you can now copy the errata and setup charts from either the CSW folder or BGG.

I have read the rules and they seem simple enough for 23 pages. 860 counters is about my limit for a game which this one hit but it has a unique way of upgrading units, replacing units or withdrawing units so the map doesn't have all these counters at the same time on it. My counters are also punched and clipped, the game comes with 4 scenarios and a campaign but with that said, I still haven't played it yet, as it requires some time and space. It's something I am looking forward to playing in the future type of game. I think its a very well done game. Hopefully this year I'll have time, if not, next year for sure. I came close to setting it up last week but just didn't have time.
Ted said it was a big hit in Tempe this past week.
No "minor" country left behind...
I think it was one of my better surprise purchases.
Dark Sands will have bigger and fewer counters and look pretty good as well!

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