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AAR: SoI#24 -Scenario: 24 – Jebel Mukaber and “The Sausage”
Game: Panzer Grenadier Modern – Sword of Israel
Scenario: 24 – Jebel Mukaber and “The Sausage”
Victor: Jordan
Play Date: 12 MAY 14
Rating: 4

Bottom Line: A fast paced attack against a well defended position. A very balanced scenario, Israelis are hard pressed to win in time available and avoid casualties, I believe the scenario favors the Jordanian, but not by much. A lot of good opportunities to try out the formation rules and obstacle rules.

Situation: Israelis attack to clear Jordanian forces from entrenchments on high ground, and if possible destroy them in 8 turns. Jordanians defend to deny Israeli victory and inflict at least 4 x step losses.

End Results:
Israeli step losses = 13 ( 1 tank step = 2) + loss of senior leader (Sgan Aluf)
Jordanian step losses = 15, + loss of 1x Raad (Major), and 1 x Naqeeb (Captain)
Turn 1:
Turn 2:
Turn 3-4:
Turn 5-6:
Turn 7-8:

I will edit further with additional comments and lessons be continued.

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It's fun to see someone trying to write such a visual AAR!
(05-24-2014, 02:14 AM)Hugmenot Wrote: It's fun to see someone trying to write such a visual AAR!

Thanks, my Turns 3-4 got out of sequence and I can;t seem to fix in editing without redoing the hole thing...

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