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Infantry Attacks isn't any good
I play IA but don't talk about it
I play IA but talk about it elsewhere
IA is ok, I just don't play it much
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This folder is dead because...
(02-22-2014, 01:55 AM)larry marak Wrote: Being able to post AAR's would help. The series so far consists of one half of the first volume in print, plus the Chihuahua incident, a download available to Gold Club Members, and To Hell With Spain, a download no longer available, and very popular with Catalonians and Basque separatists.

You forget the "Mouse that Roared"
I would also like to post AARs for this. So far, I'm loving the game. There is only one printed, so naturally interest is less. Really it is awesome, and I wasn't sure after reading the arty rules. The arty rules actually enhance the game bigtime. It really does feel like an infantry game.
Artillery in infantry attacks.
It puts off me too.
I take that it took very long time to plan it.
May be you could plan four turns ahead instead of the whole scenario. I could live with such a rule ...or something similar.
The idea you start with a four turn plan and in turn 1 you plan for turn 5 ... and so forth.
You could still try to abort a mission and if succesfull you coul plan for 4 turn ahead onward.

Let's see what Mike comes up with.
I like the Arty system for how it affects the game. If you are tricky, you can chanelize the enemy only to switch it up on them later. I think of it almost as if I am writing my battle plan before, all based off of where the arty will be. Of course, never fall in love with a plan!

The IA scenarios I've played so far are outstanding. The fun of this game is on level with RtB or Kursk for me so far.
In my previous post I completely ignored Mark Merritt's article on optional artillery rules which I spotted today in the AP website.


That could indeed work

I wonder if Mike B will take into account that article. I will post this encouragement in the Consimworld folder too.

Could I ask Peter, who is a master in counter making, to sketch out FO counters for Russians and Germans?
Peter I would really appreciate it!

Mike B. has indicated the newer releases (3 boxed games on the way) will use a revised artillery rules package...sure would be nice to have an official word designating Mark's or another alternative rules set before the release of the next games.

And I want more Russian Civil War. The Mouse That Roared is great!
As long as arty isn't easy on call like in PG.
I recently picked up "To Hell with Spain" and it rekindled my interest (that and ordering Lawrence), and I really want to get some regular PG played 1st.
I have a history at PG-HQ. Shad will tell you that I've had to write him at least three times to reset my password because I couldn't remember, because it had been so long since I'd logged in. And that was because, although I had piles of PG stuff (and IA), I never played. Too busy.

Not busy anymore. Disabled after being hit by a semi while driving for work. Lots of time on my hands. Now I'm not playing IA because I'm playing PG, but that will change when Fall of Empires comes out.

So, there it is.
I am sorry to hear about your serious accident.

I am glad to hear that your tone suggests you are adapting to your new reality.

Take care,

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