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Cheating on Panzer Grenadier
Damn that's hardcore. Paths of Glory? I know men who shy away from that game's complexity!
...came for the cardboard, stayed for the camaraderie...
(06-20-2012, 03:10 PM)Shad Wrote: Damn that's hardcore. Paths of Glory? I know men who shy away from that game's complexity!

She's got an MA in European History, and she says what turns her onto PoG is the strong period feel created by the card play. I agree; the design creates a really strong sense of time and place.
battleships is the best ive gotten my wife to play yet.
For wargaming, I cheat with ASL, which is the new, shiny addition to my collection that makes PG feel left out and jealous. I also intend to cheat with Great War At Sea some time, but time/space are big issues here.

For FtF play, I have a choice of Monopoly, with my girlfriend's insane house rules, or Montego Bay, where I usually draw cards at random and upset the applecart as much as possible. One day, she will play PG with me...
(06-02-2012, 08:13 AM)Shad Wrote: I would love to get into ATS someday. I like the all-in-one-box mentality and the somewhat-lighter-than-ASL approach. But I've promised my wallet that I won't buy any ATS stuff until I have a reliable face-to-face opponent!

I have so many unplayed classics on my shelf it's somewhat embarrassing:
  • The Civil War
  • Raid on St. Nazaire
  • Ambush!
  • War of Resistance
  • Soldiers (West End Games)
  • B-17

...and quite a few more modern titles I'd like to get into.

If somehow a group of players and a long vacation materialized out of thin air I think the first thing I'd grab would be AP's own Third Reich. That game really looks amazing and I read as much about it as I can... just not really excited to solo it! Undecided

I played over 75 missions in B-17 30 years ago but I don't recommend the game if you like your games to include many decision points. I played it to kill time but I'd rather replay a baseball season using APBA, SoM, or PtP if I ever need a low-decision-count time-killer game again.

I played ~20 missions of Ambush, Move Out!, and Purple Heart in the 1980's and I liked this system. There is a good amount of tension and the scenarios are difficult to beat. Downsides are the 4-6 hour duration per scenario and the annoyance of the mechanics (identifying the paragraph on the scenario card and then finding it in the booklet).

With your time being so restricted nowadays, you may want to give the State of Siege engine from Victory Point Games a shot. The games in the series play in 45-90 minutes and although luck, and especially bad luck, can be an important factor, the games in this series have a good amount of tension and a high replay value. I am interested in the Napoleon-20 series which I hope to introduce to my 8 year old.

Plus not only it will make J6A happy (I think), it's good to encourage the company which Avalanche Press likely uses to do its laser counters - "We’re currently manufacturing counters for one well known small game company".

I went to the APBA convention in 2002 I think it was. In Lancaster, Pa. With a friend, the only 2 Englishmen there.... in fact, the only 2 foreigners there. It was a blast and I hope to get back soon as I have some friends to look up again. One in Southern Va and the other in Mass.

I went to a bunch of APBA convention from 1981 to 1994 but I lost interest in major league baseball because the Montreal Expos were again foiled by a strike.

My interest in baseball came back eventually but only for the 1901-1994 seasons. I wish I had kept all my cards as I had the sets from 1973 - 1993 and maybe 15 older seasons. I also played lots of SoM and some PtP.
I played SoM a ton during the 70s and 80s. I played through a couple of National League seasons. I agree with the low decision point, high speed play.
No "minor" country left behind...
What's the appeal?
...came for the cardboard, stayed for the camaraderie...
It's really for statistics freaks. Or baseball fans. Of course, those are redundant statements...

The other thing is to see if you really are smarter than that dolt of a manager your favorite team had last year.
No "minor" country left behind...

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