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Getting APL titles into wargame subdomain
Folks, if you are active on Boardgamegeek, please consider casting a vote to get your favorite PG, IA, or... GWAS, or SWWAS (or whatever) title into the "wargame subdomain" there.

If you go to the particular BGG game page, and then look down to the 11th entry under "Information"... that is the subdomain vote (poll). Cast your vote as appropriate!

No, GWAS is not a family game... Rolleyes

Saipan, Kursk and 1967 could use some help. Not to mention Patton's Nightmare (er, Dream) and Hammer & Sickle.

Above it are polls for language dependence, then User suggested ages, etc. You might do the other polls if so inclined.

Getting these into the BGG wargame subdomain will help spread the word of their existence, which cannot be a bad thing.

It's working! The magic # is five subdomain votes.

1967 is in (so make those forum posts with AARs etc), however:

Saipan and Hammer & Sickle each need one more vote,

while Liberation and Patton's Nightmare each need two.

Of the new naval games, only Plan Crimson 2.0 needs one more vote. Big Grin

As they say in Warfare 1917, "Let's go, lads!"

I've voted for them all... I think the only one I had not previously voted for was Liberation... now it's at 4 too
The following still need help:

Korean War - Pusan Perimeter: 1 more vote
Kursk - Burning Tigers: 2 more
Iron Curtain - Patton's Nightmare: 1 more

I've voted for the two in that list I hadn't yet. Almost there.
...came for the cardboard, stayed for the camaraderie...

I notice many of the APL Classic WWII games (chit-pull, etc) could also use help getting into the BGG wargames subdomain.

If you get a chance, please help ballot them in as well!

And, the recent PG arrival An Army at Dawn could use help, too.

It's not a zombie game?
(03-01-2014, 06:45 AM)Hugmenot Wrote: It's not a zombie game?

ExclamationSmileBig GrinTongue
So far,

Army at Dawn
Conquest of Ethiopia


Fortress Malta (OK, not PG)

all need more votes for the BGG wargames subdomain.

If somebody received Fortress Malta, and could upload scans of the front and back, that would be a nice add on BGG.


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