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The Struggle For A Commission: The Diary
Glad I could help with the one game we played Vince. I'd help you with more plays if so many real life issue's were not interfering here.
(11-11-2013, 05:44 PM)vince hughes Wrote:
(11-11-2013, 08:22 AM)nebelwurfer9 Wrote: Well Vince, as much as I would like for you to earn your first commissioned rank I intend on keeping the Soviet's "Depot Defense" battle's step losses less than 10 for at least half of the 30 turns! But these damned T26 tank-like things are not efficient and only have a move of 5! At least I have a little more terrain to work with with the EF maps though -I'm going to need to make the most of it! Looking forward to this match regardless and my personal morale is higher than 7/6 ;-)

Its all practice for the 'Big Show' Wink

Well, someone logged in a victory with the Soviets in that scenario -too bad they didn't leave an AAR with at least an atomizer of how they pulled it off! With my net, shared play status now at -2 after today's loss I may actually have to strive to be more competitive. 2 draws out of four plays are is o.k. but I need a victory damn it! You will be defeated Herr Hughes; sooner or later, when you least expect it ... ;-) ... all that being said in good jest of course!
Well rather against expectation a game I thought would take far longer ended in very sharp style last night in just 1 session, so the number required of commissioned status has been reached. Kind of came out of left field that one !
(11-15-2013, 07:06 PM)vince hughes Wrote: Well rather against expectation a game I thought would take far longer ended in very sharp style last night in just 1 session, so the number required of commissioned status has been reached. Kind of came out of left field that one !

Congratulations and glad I could be of assistance. In baseball terms a homerun with bases loaded -shock and awe indeed! ;-)
The 3rd venture in this diary began today and it was the face to face epic that is Hell's Fury III from tank battles, the 5th biggest battle in PG's library !

Only 5 turns were completed today, but what with setting up and the logistical strain that is entering and beginning a scenario, we fully expect the next session to realise a higher amount of completed turns in following sessions.

In the opening 5 moves, a rather frightening amount of Soviet Guards led the attack on the five towns defended by the German forces. I'm sure Wayne will chime in, but his Guards are backed up with a large amount of everything else. OBA, tanks, RKKA, Rockets and all sorts. His problem is getting 'em all on in as few activations as possible.

Today, the fight has centred around the small town of Nikotovo. The Germans here have been holding up the attack reasonably enough, but now the Guards are outside thegates. Most of the 10 or so platoons are disrupted or demoralised, but two are in good order. The germans have a StGIII here that has held off the Russian armour, The rest of the battlefield is moving slowly so far.

The Russians have suffered a few losses (around 8 steps) and the Germans 1 step so far. Result prediction is a simple 50-50 at present as it is far too early to predict anything else.
Having read Vince's post above I will indeed chime in.
Hell's Fury III is a big scenario, 5 turns in and I still have some first turn reinforcements to get on to the board, though to be fair I am very wary of Vince's Stugs and am trying to follow my own plan and agenda.
I have almost surrounded the first of four towns I am trying to capture however I am suffering from the German OBDA ( at least 2 X 55 per turn) which has disrupted most of the units readying for the assult on this town.
Its going to be a tough slog for the valient Red Army

Thanks for your input. It is always nice to see each side's interpretation of what is occurring and what they experiencing (but without giving anything away too). I think we feel much in agreement at the current state of play. I enjoyed it very much and am really looking forward to our double day session next month. We'll have to put up with small time evening Skype scenarios till then.

My next play in this Big 5 diary will be next Saturday as I join session 2 of Quiet Persuasion, North Wind 8 with Alan Sawyer. In the meantime, Brett and I may have a short session this week as we start one of the Kings Officers Campaigns.
Stalemate at St Barthelemy session # 2

Continuing with my between sessions 'Big Games' blog that take far too long to be committed to AAR's. Played against Hugmenot in a second session of this Black SS scenario # 28 tonight. The first session ended with Hugs' Americans edging towards my lines. Today, just 4 more turns were completed as 3 of the 4 turns went the distance practically.

This time, his American infantry have been pressing on my extreme right flank in heavy numbers. Despite removing quite a few steps of Yanks at this location (at least 7 that I remember), his boys managed to push into the dug-in German positions and instigate 3 x assaults. As good as the German on-board artillery has been (I think they removed 5 steps in 4 x 55col bombardments), the German morale has been as conversely poor. My soldiers have been disrupting and demoralising fairly easily and struggling to recover. So the 3 assaults continue as we ready for turn 9 (of 18) and a lot can still happen in and around them.

All this puts a 6 hex town I have to protect nearby in some danger, but its all still quite salvagable (I think !!). The Amis have also been pushing along on my left flank too, but the command control for them here whilst under fire has been disrupted a little, so I still have some time to stabalise this area. Casualties in these 4 turns were German 6 steps, American 11 steps. Running total, German 7 steps, American 16 steps. But its the town and a crossroads he's after. This has been a great 'thinking' scenario for both of us.

Chance of win still 50-50%, so I'd happily take a draw if offered. We will probably get a session in over the Christmas period.
Just a few words about the last 4 turns:
  • The German on-board artillery was deadly killing 6 steps on the 55 column (die rolls 2, 3, 11)
  • The Germans failed many more Morale Checks than expected
  • The German right flank is engaged in assauts and Vince will have to shift additional troops around to reinforce the large town
  • The German left flank will be under pressure as soon as the disrupted American leaders recover or new leaders arrive on the scene
  • I made a mistake trying to recover a demoralized as part of a large, early activation. The unit was eliminated to opportunity fire when it failed its recovery roll and had to rout away. 2 VPs needlessly lost.

I believe the result is very much up in the air at this moment because the Americans should have more flexibility in close fighting due to their larger numbers. I am satisfied with the progress my troops have made so far.

I highly recommend this scenario for both solo and shared play; the confusion rule makes it rather unique.
Completed Turn 1 of our PBEM huge epic (against John...Chicago) from Kursk SF yesterday as FOW ended it just before all the Germans had entered.

Its the "Where Have All The Soldiers Gone" scenario. This one scenario in itself seems to me to encapsulate the Kursk battle. It has tons of tanks, Tigers, all types of T34's, masses of PzIIIJ's. 4 battalions of SS, mines, trenches, aircraft and the obligatory human mass of Soviets, RKKA & Guards. Good looking scenario !

Anyway, it kicked off with a fly-past by the Luftwaffe. Two counters worth 22 DF shot up some dug-in mortars on an M2 MC but they all passed ! The Germans have all entered in one area, and casualties to date have been 1 x Soviet 120mm and a German Hanomag (251). The Tigers and some PzIV's pushed forward ahead to attack the enemy and the Reds replied by advancing some infantry towards them. The next turn is where it gets down & dirty.

More on this encounter at the end of turn 2

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