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Ivy Division Campaign
As a long term project, I have decided to fight through the Ivy Division campaign in the back of the Winter Soldiers supplement. It is a fun concept as I was able to play testing on it several years ago when it was being developed.

I have created it as a PDF for size and maximum number of readers to see. It does contain comments on the campaign structure as well as pictures of the battles. This first one is just campaign turn one and I will try to post each as a campaign turn as this seems the best level of documentation. It will probably take me a while to get all of them done so keep checking on the latest installment.

I have also posted the campaign trackker Excel spreadsheet that I am using as well. It has the many details that need to be tracked as well as formulas to make the documentation easier. Also the campaign map is in the last sheet to give you the big picture of the fight.

Lots of fun, Thanks to Dave Murray for the design, John Stafford for the development and all the playtesters that help create something interesting.

To everyone else, have fun reading...

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.pdf   IvyDivision Turn 1.pdf (Size: 8.98 MB / Downloads: 38)
.xls   IvyDivisionCampaignUnitRecord-1.xls (Size: 2.11 MB / Downloads: 12)
Une chef d'oeuvre!
Merci, campsawyer
La guerra è bella, ma incomoda.
Thank you enrique.

There is many more installments to come.
Well, I though that these would be longer, but with no battles they can go fast. Both sides were bit exhausted. The Americans go for the build up and the Germans restructure there defense.

Here is a synopsis of the Campaign turn, happy reading.

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.pdf   IvyDivision Turn 2.pdf (Size: 431.74 KB / Downloads: 13)
That is absolutely stunning stuff Alan!! Thanks, Daniel and I have spoken about playing one of the campaigns. This will help define it better. The losses for the Americans worry me given the additional full strength units the Germans can add to the OB.
No "minor" country left behind...
Thanks Matt, these are really quite interesting gems in the middle of PG. It gives you a strategic direction to think about when playing.

The next campaign turn is shaping up to be interesting. There will be battles for this one so it will take a bit of time with the games. But they are are worth it.

As for the losses, I pushed the Ivy Division a little more than I did in playtesting so that generated more casualties. Also near the end of the battle for Utah beach the Germans were able to get some solid hits on the Americans. Double disruptions and OBA became a killer for the Americans. Now it is a question on managing the remnants in the best possible manner. I have also discovered some tricks for both the Americans and Germans with managing the campaign. Hopefully, if my writing is good enough you will catch them too.
I noticed some in the play test as well and there are some CP tricks and using night actions which can limit losses. I am thrilled to see the three new campaigns for Lehr, Hammer and Nightmare. These really are attractive experiences. Given that Daniel and I have frequent opportunities to play we see these as serious draws for our attention.
No "minor" country left behind...
You mention the others, there is also the first one in Cassino as well as C&C2 with Normandy. It might be nice to revisit this with the new Liberation game coming out.
Just finished up the Second Battle of Picardy for the Ivy Division campaign and will have the details coming out later tonight. I wanted to write this as I believe this is best solo battle I have ever fought with PG. It had the best match up a regiment of US infantry supported by field artillery, tanks and tank destroyers going against two German Grenadiers and a Panzer Regiment or eight PzIVH's. Great twist and turns all the way through with a bit of a surprise at the end.

If I was to rate this as the regular scenarios it would be 5+. Although another play might have another outcome that would be disaster for the US or Germans this played perfectly. Check out the writeup coming out later tonight.
Attached is the start of Campaign turn 3 as well as the Second Battle of Picardy for the 8th Regiment of the Ivy Division. It was a large battle with three American battalions and three German battalions as well as supporting companies. I though the battle was of the the best solo efforts with the number of units and the bit of variety of the units as well. Good stuff, lots of pics and story.

On another note, this will be the last PG game for a while. There are several personal items occurring one of which will involve me sacrificing my PG game space for some time as well as having quite a bit of time constraints.

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.pdf   IvyDivision Turn 3.pdf (Size: 5.13 MB / Downloads: 7)

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