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Modern War
So would I, Lucky Eddie!

I am hoping the differences will be in same order of magnitude as in between PG and IA.
I would like to know what the similarities and differences are between Panzer Grenadier (Modern) and the base WWII Panzer Grenadier.

Eddie, I remember that Sands of War from GDW 1991 had rules for tanks that dealt with reactive armor, and whether the sights were thermal or IR. Because of stabilization controls I think you could move and shoot in the same turn. Also missiles were included.

And I suspect gamers would prefer site specific maps so that paper maps would be required instead of geomorphic maps. Still, once this hurtle was finally successfully crossed, we could have Brussles and Liege 1914, Barcelona 1938, Belgrade 1916 {?), Brest-Litovsk 1941, Stalingrad 1942, Kharkov 1943, Warsaw Rising, Berlin 45, Manilla 45, and Beirut 78.

Larry, this seems to be a no brainer for AP. All that's needed to print is a map. I guess nobody's submitted any city battles. In terms of rules additions I can only think of increased stacking limits and maybe a plus 1 shift for utilizing sewers.

best tactical level, 50m per hex wargaming map for urban combat is the 4 map Berlin maps for the Advanced Tobruk System/ Squads & Leaders done by Critical Hit).

Were the maps accurate to the actual terrain? I got turned off after ATS Dien Bien Phu. The map was WAY OFF scale wise to the real world counterpart.
warstudent aka Jim
The Berlin maps are building by building.

Urban combat could well call for more detailed sniper rules. Visibility limited to within the hex only, or even undependable in same hex, which would allow a spotting defender to ambush a blind invader with no response possible, and sometimes even anihilation. Sewer movement is much over-rated, but subway movement could often be a factor. Attrition in room to room, house to house fighting could lead to changing the combat rules (and counter values) to reflect multiple step reductions. In high rise combat, such as Beirut 78 (the Arab Stalingrad)
you would require elevated sighting requirements.

The battles I listed are all out there to model. Achieving both the historical results and an enjoyable gaming process at the same time would be a challenge. The taking of the Brest Litovsk fortress in 1941 for instance took more than 3 weeks, fought over a limited area by follow-up Wehrmacht infantry and a small cadre of Russian soldiers who had no preparation for the battle, but were determined to hold out till the last bullet.
Wait a minute guys, before pushing for detailed rules on urban terrain remember this is PG not ASL. All the these details would be baked into an assault and its way of abstracting a ton of rules. Basically, a urban combat would be much like the town and some city battles we have today in PG. If you want squad level details play a squad level game. Cool
As for what is in the new modern PG, small core rules with more devastating weapons and new tactics. If you have August 1914, you will understand that the the core has stayed the same, but new rules for the units and tactics of the time.

The modern game looks interesting but it have grown quite a bit from the playtesting. The Isreali's will be impressive with the western weaponry and their fanatical defense of the homeland. But this will be matched by some tough VC's. The Egyptians can be cagey given the right situations. John S. had a good model for this going during playtest would be interested to see the final cut. Unfortunately, the price tag is a bit prohibitive for me at this point.
Looks like we will be seeing it very soon!
Maybe we should have a contest to guess when Sword of Israel first start shipping?

I am picking July 11!
(05-25-2013, 01:07 AM)Hugmenot Wrote: Maybe we should have a contest to guess when Sword of Israel first start shipping?

I am picking July 11!

I pick June 10th!
Get the feeling the game was in the can for the last 2 years, except for redoing the rulesbook layout to fit the new, larger page format of the out of house printer.. Wouldn't be surprised at all to see this beat Liberation 44 out the door by a month or so.

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