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Infantry Attacks
Are the maps in IA different to those in other east front ones & can they be used for WW2 PG games?
The IA maps are entirely compatible with the WW2 PG games.

The maps in Infantry Attacks: August 1914 are not found in any other boxed games. You can see what they look like by perusing the image gallery at BGG.
Two of them (Maps 45 and 49) are used in Workers and Peasants and Power of the East , and are already in the Map Library:
Infantry Attacks is back in print. If the needed components were the counters, I imagine they're laser cut.
I would also like to see a sub/sister site for IA, and it would encourage me to get back into playing it. Analyzing the differences between IA and infantry/artillery-only PG games would make for an interesting study. When developing IA, I intended to make it a lot bloodier than PG, and I'd like to see how that affects the game-play experiences of others here on PG-HQ.
I have only played two IA scenarios but found they play quite different than somewhat similar PG scenarios, especially on the attack.
We are going to have to add a folder similar to this one for Modern War!
To Hell With Spain is once again available for those of you who missed it, but only as a reward for participating (donating) to consimworld's membership drive this year.
I just now realize the Infantry units in Infantry Attacks are company size, unlike Panzer Grenadier where they are platoon size. That explains their strength!

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