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Kokoda Trail vs. The Kokoda Campaign
Kokoda Trail vs. The Kokoda Campaign

I have owned Kokoda Trail for years and at first I didn’t see any reason to buy The Kokoda Campaign but after it came up on sale I thought why not get it for at least the box.

The pros to owning it, you get a box to store all your material, counters, maps, scenarios and so on. You don’t have to borrow counters from multiple games and scenarios have been rewritten a bit and the scenarios are now divided into battle games. You can now store the Golden Journal Dog Days 2016, The Second Great War: Germany’s Colonial Empire materials in the box they are meant for, Elephants and all.

The cons to owning it if you already own Kokoda Trail, the scenarios are not different enough and the Assault on No. 3 Airstrip replaced the American counters/Leaders: 4 x ENG, 1 x 40mm, 2 x HMG, 1 x MAJ, 1 x CAPT, 3 x LT with all Australian counters which kind of ruined that scenario for me and I’ll continue to play the Kokoda Trail version for that one scenario.

But overall, if you don’t own Kokoda Trail and buy this one on sale it is worth it and maybe even if you do own it, it’s a great looking box to add to the shelf. I will now be more tempted to play the game, knowing I don’t have to pull counters from multiple games.

One other thing I noticed about Avalanche Press’s Introduction Games: Invasion 1944 & The Kokoda Campaign, sure they are a smaller size, in counters and maps and cost as well but the terrain on both, is not at all what I would call good introductory Panzer Grenadier games. There is no clear terrain or any kind of movement terrain. I can think of a whole lot of other games in the series that would make better introduction games and easier to play on. I would not recommend either of these games to new players, as you will not get the true PG experience. The same could have been said for Airborne when it was an introductory game back in those days as well. But that is just my opinion!

But, I am happy with my Kokoda Campaign purchase.

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