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Panzer Grenadier: Ardennes 1944
I know I am still a Noob to the PG WWII World - But - 
I do not recall seeing or hearing about this one until the most recent E-mail from APL to the Gold Club.
(If this is Top Secret Info - Admins Please Delete My Post)

Panzer Grenadier: Ardennes 1944
Philippe Leonard's master work, this game has enormous potential. I'd like to see it for Christmas 2018.

Do any of you here recall anything about this title?

"...I Spent Half My Money on Wargames - Women and Whiskey - The Other Half I Wasted..."
I don't but it sounds great!
Philippe discussed the game with me a a couple months ago. It was mostly a conceptual discussion.
... actually you Americans are probably the most dangerous people in the world. This is because you treat war as a job, and your culture has an excellent work ethic.
-- paraphrased from John Keegan's Fields of Battle

It has been in the works for several years. I enjoy Philippe's work.
No "minor" country left behind...
Sounds like a combo Elsenborn-Bulge-Winter Soldiers to me. I would expect that to be in excess of $150. $100 for sure.
Most likely all new scenarios.

I do know Mike has the Bulge boards in mind for a 2 map introductory IA game down the pike.
What I meant was it would cover the same overall subject. I suspect each of the battle games inside would be the three original games with new scenarios or perhaps 5 battle games: initial attack, Elsenborn/ northern shoulder, Bastogne/ 3rd Army link up, southern shoulder.
I've been avoiding new PG games as I try to play the ones I already have. But this will be tempting...

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