Poll: Why NO Love for Secret Weapons?
Space issuses, uses too many maps.
Draws counters and maps from too many Games/Supplements.
NoT into Hypothetical scenarios
Draws from older games and supplements
Other, please state?
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Why no love for Secret Weapons?
I have played two scenarios so far and enjoyed the hell out of both of them. The Germans lost both, but the added flavor of the Maus, helicopters and WGAT weapons was really interesting and fun.
I have played three scenarios now, and they have all been really good. For me, they are as engrossing as any other PG scenarios.
I think part of the problem maybe that 2 sets of the scenarios, Brit vs German, and Russian vs German 1946, have the same problem as GrossDeutschland 46....they presuppose Hitler completed his Final Solution and every European Jew was murdered.  I suspect the same problem may affect sales of the SWWAS Plan Z series.
While the Japanese may have murdered more civilians than the Nazis did, we in the Western audience really aren't aware of this. The Pacific version of the Plan Z game will probably do well if it gets released.
I don’t take all of the sociology-economic factors in to consideration myself. I look at things from a kinetic point of view. I suppose since they weren’t much of a consideration in combat. Case in point. In Iraq at the end of my first tour, we provided security on an IED blast site. After 10th Mtn cleared, a SF support convoy was on the other side of the road. A sniper opened up and it escalated in to a firefight outside a mosque. When some insurgents took cover and fired from the mosque, it got lit up. When all was said and done, we figured we would catch some heat, as good ole CNN had lambasted coalition forces for shooting at a mosque earlier. At the time though, wasn’t an issue. Just my take.

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