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Scenario 14 SoI
Daniel and I played this scenario yesterday.  A largish Egyptian force is charged with defending the short side of a board from a growing Israeli force.  The Israelis are trying to exit the board and the Egyptians get points for killing Israelis.  The Egyptians primarily defended on the back side of several ridges.  We played 7 of 16 turns by which time the Israelis had lost several tanks and a few men but the Egyptians were almost completely destroyed.  Some key things:

The assault table is marvelously bloody.

Death by failure to recover is a tough thing for a low morale force.

Efficient tanks are a big deal (move then fire generally on offense, I suspect I would use fire/move if I were on defense), efficient infantry not so much (never had the opportunity to do an extended assault since nearly every platoon has AT capability, usually in the 6 or higher range and APCs are still a zero armor item.  Only had two air strikes so not much to go on there.

Israeli leaders are really good (lots and loaded with combat and morale factors).  There aren't a lot of Egyptian leaders and they aren't very good.

The Centurion 5 is so good it shouldn't be permitted on the same battlefield as the Egyptians.  Couple that with a 9/8 morale for the Israelis vs a 7/6 for the Egyptians and you have a recipe for slaughter.

It was fun (for me, I was the Israeli) but not much of a game.

It is clear from the results how the Israelis developed the "tank only" doctrine that got them into so much trouble in '73.  The Israelis could have run through the Egyptians but totally destroying them was quicker and more effective and would permit many of the lighter armored vehicles to also pass.  The system is very easy to pick up if you have a good feel for PG.
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