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Skill vs Numbers
We're starting up a 'Go for Broke' pbem battle. I was at first rather worried about this one being a fair/interesting battle as the US get a LOT of troops vs the defending Germans. (

For leaders the Germans got 6! leaders with 2 ratings including a uber Sergeant who is a 922. Will this be enough to turn the tide of overwhelming US forces?
Could be fine on balance, as a lot depends on morale ratings and VP conditions. If the Germans have higher morale and/or VP's are based on step elimination, that 922 sarge will resurrect a lot of DR/DM units allowing them to hold objectives and reduce the Allied force significantly before succumbing.
The US have better moral. The Nisei have 8/8 and the US Army guys are... 8/7 I think. Germans are 7/6 and 8/6. VP's are for eliminated and various spots on the board. One big town that is going to be a major focus of the battle and 2 other spots, a castle on one map and a cross roads on another. It's a 4 map battle.

The 922 comes in from off board on turn 1 but the Germans have a 2 moral guy sitting in the middle of the town ready to boost everyone around him. It's going to be a hard nut to crack even with 5 x 18 OBA.
A snake-eyes on an X result will definitely help with that leadership differential. Smile
And don't forget the maximum morale of 10. So, yeah, those guys might be a 10 in the town (until the 9/2/2 blows his own morale check and gets Disrupted), and on an M2 there's still a 15/36 chance of at least disrupting them. Multiple attacks on a turn might help out to make them take multiple morale checks* might help. It should be interesting.

* - As I was typing this, the long "Love Potion No. 9" was on the radio and the line "I've always been a flop with chicks" was playing right as I was attempting to type the word "checks." Guess what word came out of my fingers?
LOL. Don't you love when the fingers get a mind of their own?

We're playing 3rd Ed so I don't think the max 10 moral rule is in effect.

I am curious on how this is going to turn out. Should have a different feel to it vs the 'skilled Germans vs hoards of Russians'. As J6A says I'm going to have to try and crack him with superior firepower and, I think, try to be patient.
Lets try posting some pictures. 

The start of the battle. Upper right is the town where a major battle is going to take place.  Upper left is the cross roads that are worth 4 vp. Bottom left is the castle on the hill that is also worth 4 vp.

The town defense. While he doesn't have a lot of OBA he has substantial on board bombardment with the rockets and large morts. 

The wave of US Inf make their way though the drizzle (max LOS 10) and head towards the safety of the hill (3rd Ed rules). 
Note the poor rookie Lieu sent up front with a radio...

The castle defense. 

Cross roads defense.
[Image: AF1QipN93h8ZhMpqiRwys-DOpaykXW5UMYeGg3CWnlzK]
Nice. IMHO the close ups are better. There is an image code at the bottom. Did one last pic not load?
Thanks. I wanted to give an over view of the map so there was a point of reference to what the close ups were showing.

That code was my first attempt to attach a picture and it didn't work right but the code isn't showing up where I can edit the message so I can remove it. I tried a few times and just had to leave it.
Now if I can remember how I did the first pictures... (note to self, add attachment)

The end of the first turn. Things have already not gone as planned for the US troops. Besides the US troops moving toward the town you can now see the Japanese Americans at the bottom of the map moving on. 

Note the lack of the poor 700 Lieu that was sent forward. The Germans took offense at this tactic and moved a platoon forward and captured him. Then they responded in kind and road moved a leader up onto the hill where they had LOS to the US troops marching. Knowing what was coming the US tried desperatly to take that leader out dropping 3x18 oba onto his head but all it did was rattle him a bit. The German oba was then called onto a 3 stack of platoons rolling a 12 and getting 2x! Boooo. The remaining 2x18 was dropped onto the German leader who ducked his head and then calmly called in the onboard artillery onto the the guys that just saw their buddies blown to bits and rolled an 11 for another X. How's the battle going guys? Situation normal, AFU.

Things got a little interesting at the bottom of the map. I had not expected the German reinforcements to come in on the bottom of the map but the top. He aggressively moved a half-track with a Gren and the uber Serg 922 down and unloaded him near the edge of the map. Before the game had started I set my units up at the edge where I wanted them to come in and those Germans were right in front of an attack force that was going to put pressure onto the road and castle. Having better initiative I took a chance and moved a 3 stack of HMG's and a 3 stack of Inf right up to the Germans

You can also see the other Nisei units moving to contact. 

A close up of the contact made with the half-track.

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