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Slope LOS (again)
Using 4th Ed rules.

In this thread:

Hughmeot says:

The Line of Sight from A to C is not blocked by the elevation line because the elevation line does not meet "one or more slope hexes of the same elevation as the higher unit lies between the two hexes and the slope hex is closer (not equidistant) to the lower unit than the higher one".

The situation (so you don't have to go hunting for it) is A unit on a hill, next hex is an elevation line, the next hex is unit C.

Looking at the TEC it says:

Slope. A slope hexside is any hex with an elevation line running through it, representing the transition from a lower elevation to the higher.

Why is the above example LOS not blocked by the slope between them? 
Because it's equidistant?

Yes. I always read that as it is blocked if it is equidistant.

I would contend that it is blocked, but not by the elevation/slope hexes. A straight line from A to C only goes through hex 1003, which is closer to A. On the other hand, the LOS goes through 2, what appear to be, light woods hexes. Hence I think the woods block LOS, not the elevation line.

BtW: the 3rd edition said "elevation lines". The rule was easier to parse, though I objected to the effects of the rule overall.
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We had the situation come up without the lt woods so I wasn't worried about them.

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