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Looking to fill a few holes...
Hello all,

There are a few holes in my collection that I am looking to fill, and I am hoping that someone may have an extra copy lying about.  I have a handful of titles to trade if anyone is looking for an older edition of something, and of course, cash.

PG titles:

Airborne Remastered.... I had a chance on eBay last year and I let it pass me by. I waited/watched for too long and someone snagged it.

Edelweiss IV....  same seller, same result as above.

Workers and Peasants....   Every now and again it pops up on eBay, usually from a guy in Canada. I hate paying Canadian postage....

GWAS titles:

Confederate States Navy.... I have the supplements (Plan Blue and Plan Grey) but not the core module.

SWWAS titles:

Transports....  old counter sheet eye candy

Torpedo Boats.... more old counter sheet eye candy
Airborne Remastered


Workers & Peasants both versions

just popped on ebay.

Not my listings, just spreading the discoveries of todays lunch break : )

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