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The Official --( Introduce Yourself )-- Thread!
Finally someone around here younger than me! Big Grin

Welcome, Nicholas! How did you come to find out about PG and PG-HQ? Does anyone else in your family / circle of friends play wargames?
...came for the cardboard, stayed for the camaraderie...
Welcome to the Club Nicholas. There's a wealth of info here and out host, Shad, is a real life veteran of the War of the Worlds. You can try to spot h on Netflix!
Larry, your attention to detail never ceases to amaze me. I don't even remember telling you that! Big Grin
...came for the cardboard, stayed for the camaraderie...
Hello fellow wargamers . I am new to this hobby ad still trying to figure it out. I am about to start Koren War : pusan perimeter solo  but am somsomewhat confused on how to play solitaire. Any help will truly be appreciated.  Thanks in advance. 
Pick a scenario with a small number of counters. Roll dice to determine which side activates first and how many activations it gets before alternating activation begins. As you activate each leader and the units it leads, place moved/fired markers on them. Don't use fog of war.

Before playing out a scenario test drive the movement and direct fire rules with simple marches and attacks.

Run an assault with a stronger force attempting to enter the hex of a weaker defender. Play the same assault out repeatedly with the defender in progressively stronger defensive terrain.

This should give you a good feel for the game.

And welcome aboard. PGHQ is an awesome resource.
Hi Grognards!!

I am the newbie, and a Frenchie one!! I made the jump finally to register to PzGrd after loooooong weeks of incertitude: "which squad leader game I want to play???". Damn, it was, not so cool and easy to chose from.

I tell you frankly, I am attired by ASL and its European only battlefield ops. But it really costs a kidney (an used one of course!!  Big Grin ) and it's not available every time and every where, BUT it has a strong community of fans. One of its main interests: small (but horrible) maps!! I don't have a lot of space to play...

I have the Europe box of Combat Commander from GMT. Okay, it was really cheap for a brand new one but I dislike at all its card system, it has no vehicules, and the map are bigger and horrible too. Should I known it, I shouldn't have bought it. Yeah, I know, rulebooks are available online but I don't like reading on a computer/tablet screen: my eyes are really tired - and I don't have an e-reader so... and it was really, really cheap!!! (I understand now the why!!)

I downloaded Valor&Victory from BGG. Cool. An ASL Lite, free (YEAH!!!), a lot of scenarios, it's evolving, and it has its community of fans on BGG (where I am a member). BUT I need to mount the chits / markers / counters, and I am FORBIDDEN to do it (severe mental issues which are drawing to severe physical attempts when I am in the "deepest down"). So, I let it go...

Months earlier, I ordered the demo kit of PzGrd from AP. Cool. Good looking map, thick but humm-humm printed counters (maybe it's because it's a demo kit), BUT no printed rulebook!!! I had to print it. AAAAAARGH!!!! No printer!!! Until recently (near a month ago), I put this game aside, hoping for a solution to get a printed copy of the rulebook. Now that I have printed it, I like the system. BUT I still have a problem with the LOS, it's mainly due to be a miniatures wargamer with "true" LOS - no laser pointer used, I am no geek enough!! So, I know that I have to adapt, but I may develop one or two points of rules for this specific case only.

Like main consim players, I play solo. My bro doesn't like board game/consims ("not intellectual hobbies" - the dumb), I don't like to play on a computer (but I may go to IF PzGrd is catching me enough - who knows), I can't have a social life (with my severe mental issue, I developed a bunch of phobics - among them, the agoraphobia, the claustrophobia and more).

And now, here I am. A young recruit, about to enter the wonderful world of PzGrd, a really beautiful and well furnished in scenarios Squad level consim - and a cheap game too!!! It just lacks a bi-monthly printed magazine!!  
"Like main consim players, I play solo"
Much of my play is solo as well. As a veteran of Warfighter WW2, Conflict of Heroes, Combat Commander and S&T's D-Day series, my experience says that you will not be sorry for getting into PG. It plays extremely well solo, and is also fun if you can connect with others on Vassal. It's rare for me to find any local ftf opponents here, but I do get a bit an occasional Vassal play in. While I solo with other games, PG is the go-to game for me, and definitely gets the most plays. No matter how you play PG, it is always fun. The system works well solo....enjoy!
Welcome, Fred! I hope you find PG-HQ to be a useful supplement to your PG play. We're happy to talk about all sorts of games here, and most people plays lots of different things.
...came for the cardboard, stayed for the camaraderie...
Bonjour Fred! Tu peux toujours écrire tes questions en français si c'est plus facile pour toi. Je répondrai en français mais prend garde que j'en ai perdu depuis mon départ du Canada en 1996.
Welcome Fred...this is THE place for PG players.

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