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I found my Kursk order
Theoretically I have 2 Rome at War books coming, Persia and Goths...or not.
I only have the King Of Kings book outstanding,  since 2014 so it is relatively short and  am not in for much but it still kind of irks me that there is no mention on the horizon, even though at the time the GC newsletter said "coming soon".   Dodgy  

I even tried sending e-mails just to get an update and heard nothing.

At some point,  taking the money and not providing product could be considered "stealing", but I am not going to get into that.  Tongue
I only have the naval game that grew out of GWAS covering the time frame of Lissa left.
I only have 19 books and games and 1 counter sheet on order. Now entering year 11! for what was called Imperial Grenadier.

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