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Sword of Israel
Looks to be shipping now. Wow... look at those units. BIG tanks and Inf with built in AT capabilities. 

I'd be tempted to get this but at $150 it's way out of my price range right now. 
True Dat...
"...I Spent Half My Money on Wargames - Women and Whiskey - The Other Half I Wasted..."
The discount pays for your Gold Club membership.

I haven't played Modern yet (I hope to soon), and from what I've seen, there are a lot of subtle differences that lead to significant changes in game play. One of the key ones is that demoralized units that fail to recover lose a step!

Especially in SoI, I can see some of the Arab armies (not the Jordanians) melting away.
I received my 1967: Sword of Israel, new silky die-cut counters today! It will be nice to replace the Laser counters with these. One strange thing, I wonder why they printed the front side on the back and the back-side on the front of the counter trees?

No big deal, just kind of odd. Also, I doubt they fit in my game box unless I remove the laser counters, which isn't a problem either but for finding a place to store the older counters.

But nice to finally have these. Now I am only waiting on the Pusan Perimeter & Conquest of Ethiopia replacement counters.
Most of the Artillery and Sahr-18 counters still have the range of 99.

Also there are no PLA counters anymore?

But, the new counters are sweet!
One thing I noticed while punching and clipping the new counters for 1967: Sword of Israel, I forgot how compatible the Modern PG counters are to the normal Panzer Grenadier counters, which is a great plus if you ever want to mix or match or create your own scenarios.

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