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Selling Games
I am selling my extra copies of

SOLD!- Kursk: Burning Tigers  
SOLD! - Kursk: South Flank
SOLD! - Liberation 1944

$15.00 - Fronte Russo (1st edition)
$12.00 - Tank Battles
$ 9.00 - Blue Division
$ 4.00 - Romanian Soil
$ 9.00 - Arctic Front (1st edition)
$ 9.00 - Edelweiss (1st edition)

Also selling:

$50.00 - La Bataille de France, 1940 (Compass)
$99.99 - Heroes of North Africa + X-maps (LnL)
$84.99 - Heroes in Defiance + X-maps (LnL)

Shipping is extra.

I will add other games and supplements over the next week or so.
Tempting but I think I can resist. Smile

BTW, there is a PX section now for selling at the very bottom of the PG-HQ forum list under 'Rest and Relaxation'.
I wish you could have sent this a week earlier, Kingstowne Gamers' Brigade (KGB) is having another Wounded Warrior used game sale on Oct 14 -15. The last day to donate games was this past Sunday (Sept 24). Maybe we could have worked something out to include your games.

Hopefully, if we can contact the leaders of KGB, we might be able to slip them in.
$60.00 - Kursk: Burning Tigers
$67.50 - Kursk: South Flank
$60.00 - Liberation 1944

Also looking for 1940 - Fall of France.

PM sent
"...I Spent Half My Money on Wargames - Women and Whiskey - The Other Half I Wasted..."
I updated my original post.
Did anything else come up for sale?
Not yet.

I had a moment (or is lifetime?) of stupidity and registered to a Microsoft Deep Azure class through my employer. That class is requiring at least 16 hours a week in addition to my normal work week and it's not leaving much free time left other than spend some quality time with my wife and son.

But Thanksgiving is next week and that should allow me some time to go through my collection.

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