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Moving leaders with troops
I corrected my sentence ("next turn"); there was a failure to communicate clearly between my brain and my fingers.

I was thinking of a situation that sometimes occurs in my opposed games, An opponent sometimes moves his leader alone (in the same activation) after his moved his units; the idea is that he knows at the point where his leader would be better placed. The idea is to keep an Opportunity Fire or two in reserve to prevent the leader from reaching that hex. Typically, if Opportunity Fire manages to disrupt the leader, the leader ends up alone in his hex and his troops end up ahead (even adjacent) to the leader but cannot move forward (closer to spotted enemy units that can harm them) next turn (or for longer if the leader does not recover). It can be very annoying for the side with the disrupted leader if his units stopped adjacent to enemy units in a town hex as they will be quite vulnerable next turn.

Units that were activated by a leader this activation can move, regardless of what happens to the leader during the activation.

Depending on your ratio of units to leaders (especially in the vicinity) you may want to take Opportunity Fire at a leader that moves alone before the units he activated. It's less likely to be effective than waiting for the units that will move closer but it's also a bigger reward.

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