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Alt-History Stuff
Okay, so Alt-History isn't my bag.  I've stayed away from the Second Great War stuff, I figure there's plenty to play without it.  However, along the way, I accumulated a number of alt-history supplements, and I think it's time to move them on to those who might actually play them.  Here's what I've got available.  I have no idea what's a good price for these, so make me an offer and we'll go from there.  Shipping isn't included in any offers, and will be from 89146.

All supplements are in the comb-bound books with die cut counters.

Hopeless But Not Serious - Okay, not totally alt-history, and enough that it's very low on my interest list.
Dak '44
Iron Wolves
Secret Weapons

Now, I am keeping my newer Hammer and Sickle books just for the toys.  However, I will move these 2.
Iron Curtain
Polish Steel 1948 - No counters with this one, and I think it came that way.  <<---Ignore this. The counters showed up today, so this is complete.
Wow, look at the stats on those Secret Weapons units. That's crazy!

Alt-Hist isn't my thing either. Could be fun to play with those 'big numbers' though. Smile

I'm hooking up with Dan Storm this weekend to buy Spearhead Division off him. I should hold of buying anything else.
That's why I'm holding on to Hammer & Sickle, et al. For the toys.
Close to closing a deal for the 1st 4 games. Polish Steel and Iron Curtain are still available.

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