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What supplement is Joshua reading?
Playboy, in honor of Hugh Heffner's passing.
just finished:

The Coldest Winter: America and the Korean War
by David Halberstam

Great read!
On kind of a WWI chick right now. Listening to The Last of the Doughboys right now.
Done with Fronte Russo. Most of those scenarios are 4 maps and up, which is more than I usually like to set up. However, some are 4 maps and 30 combat units per side, which is quite manageable.

On to Spearhead because it's shiny and new. However, I'm off to GMT West tomorrow, so I may not get much reading done until I return.
(10-02-2017, 07:28 AM)Greyfox Wrote: On kind of a WWI chick right now.

Is this some weird cosplay thing?
Typo. Should have read "on a wwi click...". Meaning that right now I am reading or seeking out WWI histories. Just bought a 1936 edition of " the infantry battalion at war" published by the command and general staff college.
It seems like I lost some. Since the last post, I've read:

Patton's Nightmare
Red and White
and I'm in the middle of Hammer and Sickle, home of the screwed up map diagrams.
Done with the Iron Curtain books. I guess if I'll take that trek into alt-history I might as well get Maple Leaf.

On to Panzer Lehr.
I have some additional scenarios for both the East German Alert Police and the Canadian Maple Leaf Brigade, that should be up on APs daily content soon. Two are historical scenarios for the Canadians in the Korean War and one hypothetical scenario pitting Canadians vs East Germans in occupation duty in the Cold War.
Maple Leaf Brigades is the supplement in which the recce units play the biggest role. As the Soviet player, you will learn to hate helicopters.

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