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What supplement is Joshua reading?
Every year or two, I go back and reread scenario books from various PG games that I'm thinking of playing soon or just as something to pass the time.  Over the last few weeks, I've reread the following.  These aren't all in chronological order, and I may have missed a couple.

Kursk:  Burning Tigers 
Korean War:  Pusan Perimeter 
France 1940
Liberation:  1944
An Army at Dawn 
Elsenborn Ridge 
Workers and Peasants 
Iron Wolves 

I'm currently reading Edelweiss  (4th Edition).  I had a small panic last night thinking I had lost the counters.  As it turns out, they were from the "fall off the counter sheet" days and had been in a zip lock bag surrounded by white paper (and 46 counters had still fallen out).  Today they are safely punched and bagged.

I'll post what I'm reading as I make my way through the games and supplements.   I'm open to suggestions on which to read next (The current plan is Arctic Front).
I used to keep a pile of scenario books for bedtime reading...
No "minor" country left behind...
I for one like to read (and occasionally play) APL (and other) scenarios in chronological order distributing them over a five-year cycle (shades of Soviet planning). So it's currently Eastern Front which is shrinking due to ending in September 1942 and then it's Road to Berlin in 2020. I'd like to obtain games like Army at Dawn, Kursk and Broken Axis to fill the gap but I'm playing Bogdanovo solo for nearly a month, that would take me a century to complete Eastern Front alone!
The Germans were singulary lucky to advance upon a city with a big functioning tank factory.
Edelweiss is done, now rereading Arctic Front.
I had started on a similar project, to play PG scenarios in (somewhat) chronological order. I'm about half way through Hopeless but not Serious, which I am thoroughly enjoying, and I've started on Iron Wolves in parallel. I really like the early battles when weapons weren't so deadly and close assault ruled the day.

Going off topic here, for a bit....

I have to be honest, even in miniature gaming, I've never been a fan of scenarios and game systems where I could sit on one edge of the board/table and dominate the entire battlefield with one or two units. My most extensive collection of WW2 miniatures is my early war French and Germans. I have hundreds of French and German miniatures and the vast majority of the Germans are PZ-II's and PZ35's/38's. With those units, you have to get up close and personal... (unlike a JagdTiger with its 6' range across my gaming!!!
I really enjoyed Iron Wolves!
No "minor" country left behind...
Gurps truely is the Universal Roleplaying system

The Emmaus Code...because you can never go deep enough into God's Word.

And U.S.Navy Plan Gold...cause I'm moderator of the Second Great War at Sea blog at Consimworld. And I don't trust the French...........
Done with Arctic Front, on to Winter Soldiers.
Winter Soldiers done, and now I want to play an Ivy Division campaign.

White Eagles up next.
Quote:I want to play an Ivy Division campaign.

TheDoctor just finished up a CTLT with the 4th ID, specifically 3rd assault battalion, 4th aviation regiment.   

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