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Silk Smooth counters!
I may too Pusan Perimeter, and Conquest of Ethiopia as the laser-counters I have for this game are very slippery.
As a non Gold Club member, I am trying to work out the total cost of ordering replacement counters for 3 games (BT, KSF and Lib44).

Does the Insider e-mail give an indication of the cost per set and their availability? (in case I have to factor in 3 lots of mailing charges to the UK).

Then I can add the Gold Club joining cost and see if I can justify spending the total.

20 bucks for most of them. Pusan and France are 30, Sword of Israel are 40.
BT is $20, KSF is $30, Lib44 is $20.

I am uncertain about availability but I do note all three games are currently available in the store and thus would assume they have pieces on hand,

You can always put a note in your order if you have special instructions. I've had some success with it in the past.
Many thanks for the speedy replies.

I would get hammered by USPS and UK Post Office charges unless all 3 shipped together.

I will give it further consideration.

I'm using the slick ones in the Liberation 1944 game I have set up, and they make me hope we can order die cuts later.

The thick chunky counters look great, but stack terribly.

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