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Assault Craziness: Daniel & Matt should be happy
In a recent scenario, using 4th Ed rules, I had a woods hex assault between a DIS/RED Romanian Tank (a PzIVH in effect) on the 3 col vs. a combined arms SOV (LDR+2xSMG+M4/76) that all told was on the 30+ col (higher morale too 8 vs 6).  

So, perhaps as no surprise given that I'm writing a thread about it, the SOVs roll a 7; the ROM a 2 (yes, snake-eyes).  So the SOV lose a step; end up DEM/DIS and thoroughly disgusted.  As the SOV only have 3xSMG in the scenario, this was a huge result allowing the ROM time to get a 5/6 roll for their 2xINF (can't recall the ROM designation at the moment) to get on-board.  

Anyway, I gather that Matt & Daniel like the somewhat more lethal low-end of the ASSAULT table so I thought that they would appreciate this one.
Thanks PY!

It is ever so much more exciting to have it be from Romania Mare!
No "minor" country left behind...
Oh the Romanian infantry is VAN (for Vanriki, if memory serves)
No "minor" country left behind...
(08-04-2017, 12:00 PM)Matt W Wrote: Thanks PY!

It is ever so much more exciting to have it be from Romania Mare!

I tried to rationalize it by figuring that the two tanks left in that RED platoon must have: (i) burned out their gun tubes firing HE that (ii) knocked down a large tree that, in turn, knocked down other trees all of which landed on the two encroaching SMG platoons and on the M4/76's.  

The Romanians were so euphoric that they ignored the shells whizzing by (i.e. made their M2 check).

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