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Today's "Duh" observation
Russian 45mm ATGs do not stop Panthers...or PZIVs for that matter.  While I'm still playing KWCA, I've had a scenario of Broken Axis set up on my upstairs table for ages and haven't made much progress, mostly because I'm usually not in that room.  Well, I'm working in that room today and decided to get in at least a turn or two between work breaks.

In this one, I just rolled a bunch of heavy tanks up to the AT Guns and mostly laughed at them as they bounced a couple of shots off me.  Direct Fire disrupted/demoralized a couple of units, and then the assault went in and the Russians basically weren't having any of it.  Admittedly, the Germans being 8/6 and the Russians being 7/6 influenced my decisions a bit.

It's also pointing out to me why I like the system so much.  The terrain and the units make this feel very different than Korea.  Here there's more heavy equipment, more OBA and more maneuverable terrain (well, mostly).  While the Russians (they are RKKA) are somewhat analogous to the North Koreans, and the Germans are similar to the US Army troops in KWCA, the differences are enough to make me play differently.

And it's nice to not fight on dark green for a while. Smile
The usage of ATGs is radically different with true fog of war and spotting. That's why I'm hoping we can get a regular double-blind player group together soon.
...came for the cardboard, stayed for the camaraderie...
I have a lot of PG and no one to play it with. Tried solo under 3rd and just could not keep interest up.
Are you down for VASSAL, Z?
...came for the cardboard, stayed for the camaraderie...
I'm down for VASSAL.
I'm up for Vassal but also prefer Skype because it allows talking about the game. Wargaming is a social thing for me and work keeps me from that anymore.
Well, I often do VASSAL live with Skype (some opponents don't like it, though).

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