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13 new boxed PG titles
(08-02-2017, 01:39 AM)zaarin7 Wrote: And depending on everything I'll try to be there. Maybe we could do a PG or GWAS or SWWAS multi player game over the convention.

What is Prezcon? I am about 2.5 hours away from Charlotte!!!
PrezCon is a twice a year gaming convention. The link is here. And it is Charlottesville in Virginia.
No "minor" country left behind...
(08-02-2017, 08:17 AM)Matt W Wrote: PrezCon is a twice a year gaming convention.  The link is here.  And it is Charlottesville in Virginia.

No kidding? My folks just retired to the countryside near C'ville... now I have two reasons to swing by that nice little town!
...came for the cardboard, stayed for the camaraderie...
I keep thinking I could visit family in Baltimore and go to PrezCon over about a week, and Charlottesville and Maryland aren't all that close. It's supposed to be a good con (when people don't get stranded by a blizzard) and is supposed to have a good wargame representation.
Friends in the local area have gone to it in the past. They always spoke well of it. I never went because I used to go to Cold Wars in Lancaster, PA in the past which always happened around the same time. I have not been to any cons in 10+ years due to jobs and finances and the lack of both.

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