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13 new boxed PG titles
Good to hear Zaarin7.
Jay has virtually single handedly brought us a major 3 year war.
(07-30-2017, 12:28 AM)zaarin7 Wrote: All of the Korea games look great and it's good to see The Forgotten War featured in PG. Maybe after my move to Virginia finances will allow me to get them.

Just moved to Blacksburg from Germany this month. Where will you be moving to in VA?
Bedford county which is in south west Virginia. Smith Mountain Lake is the southern border of the county.
Maybe we could arrange a meeting at a convention in Virginia sometime.
Sure whenever the move happens and things finally settle down.
I am about an hour away from Bedford county.... Not far at all.
I'm going to try and have a game room. So maybe there will be some possibilities.
I'm in Richmond if you ever get over this way. As a target for a meet up PrezCon is in Charlottesville in February.
No "minor" country left behind...
And depending on everything I'll try to be there. Maybe we could do a PG or GWAS or SWWAS multi player game over the convention.

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