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13 new boxed PG titles
What was the number of that Gold Club Insider? I got #132 on July 17th and the "Gold Club: New Journal, Kaiser's Navy limited reprint" reprint email on the 20th, but didn't see one about new PG games.
(07-29-2017, 04:27 AM)joe_oppenheimer Wrote: What was the number of that Gold Club Insider? I got #132 on July 17th and the "Gold Club: New Journal, Kaiser's Navy limited reprint" reprint email on the 20th, but didn't see one about new PG games.

133 issued on the 27th
When I get some time, I have a few comments.
I'm excited about Crete!
...came for the cardboard, stayed for the camaraderie...
Even if only because of the Cretans...
No "minor" country left behind...
Do success checks on flips over charging bulls roll on 1d6 or 2d6? Big Grin
...came for the cardboard, stayed for the camaraderie...
(07-29-2017, 02:20 AM)larry marak Wrote: As Matt has said, we need the war on the Asian Mainland.  We have some Mongolians and the IJA for that theater during WW2.  There were 2 different Nationalist armies, and at least 4 different puppet states carved out of the "China Incident".  And many, many campaigns 1937-1945 that were far larger than Operation Bagration and deserve boxed game presentation.

Larry, I seriously looked at doing the Sino-Japanese War, China 1937-45 or the War of Resistance and even bought a book translated into English on the subject that had a lot of detail as far as doing a game in PG style but I just don't have the heart to so another huge project that size again. The Korean War & The Philippines 1941-42 & 1944-45 took its toll on me. That is why I did Sicily 1943 and Greco-Italian War 1940-41, as they were smaller subjects that interested me and a good break from extra large projects.

Also, after turning in so many designs and seeing that most are not even mentioned as future PG games anymore, I won't design anything else until AP catches up. But I will support all my submitted designs through the games life, if and when they get published.

More on this later. 
Hope there are scenario's around the 23rd RCT and the French Battalion and the armored cav relief at Chip-yong-ni in the game.
(07-29-2017, 02:40 PM)zaarin7 Wrote: Hope there are scenario's around the 23rd RCT and the French Battalion and the armored cav relief at Chip-yong-ni in the game.

Yeah, it is in Intervention. I only have one French scenario so far, because my counter-mix is limited to 352 counters. The Supplement Allies adds other and more nationalities but I was going to create a second Supplement with more Allied nations including the French but with Mike/AP wanting to split up Intervention into to games, and so far behind on my submitted designs, I am not sure if I'll do more or not?

Here is rough designer draft but I have no idea what Mike will do when he split it up, which I didn't really want to happen. 

Scenario Thirty Seven 

The Battle of Chip’yong-ni and the Defense of the Wonju Line
13-14 February 1951
The Chinese did not immediately follow the U.S. 2nd Division after entering Hoengsong but a heavy blow was expected. Chinese units were already exploiting gaps in the line. Chip’yong-ni straddles a stream in the lower end of a small valley and hugged the mountains to the northeast. Colonel Freeman considered the terrain well suited for defense by the 23rd Regimental Combat Teams, which was mix of many combat units. On the night of February 13-14th the Chinese aligned a large force to challenge the defenses of Chip’yong-ni from all four directions. Signal flares were an indication of a difficult night to come. 

US Army & French Army

Elements, 23rd Infantry, 2nd Division, 1st Ranger Company, B Battery 37th Field Artillery Battalion, B Battery 503rd Field Artillery Battalion, 82nd Antiaircraft Automatic Weapons Battalion, C Company 2nd Engineer Combat Battalion and a French Battalion. 
Set up first anywhere on map 110. All units in the appropriate terrain may begin dug-in.  


Whistles, horns and bugles blast started that night with heavy artillery from both sides joining in. Colonel Freeman’s tight perimeter prevented a Chinese break through except in the area of G Company but this to would be soon blunted by shifting reinforcements from F Company and the regimental tank company. By daylight the Chinese withdrew into the dominating heights around Chip’yong-ni. The Chinese casualties were very high while Freeman’s forces suffered about one hundred casualties including Colonel Freeman who suffered a leg wound from a mortar fragment but refused immediate evacuation.

Here was another teaser scenario but I didn't have enough counters to include the French in this one but in later product I hope!

Scenario Fifty Five

Heartbreak Ridge the New Plan     

10 October 1951


By October 10th the U.S. 2nd Division controlled Hill 931 by diversionary attacks in the days before, as the North Koreans could not concentrate all their attention upon all the different assaults. The last objective on Heartbreak Ridge was Hill 851 and like the other before, nothing looked easy!








Game Length: 28

First Turn: 1000

Other:  Rivers are minor.



Elements, 13th 19th & 21st Regiments, 13th Division

Set up first anywhere on map 113. Place 3 entrenchment counters and 2 Bunker counters and 3 minefield and 3 wire counters anywhere in the set up area. All units in the appropriate terrain may begin dug-in.


  • 3 x INF
  • 4 x INF Reduced
  • 3 x HMG
  • 1 x 120mm
  • 1 x 76.2mm
  • 3 x SMG
  • 3 x SMG (Reduced)
  • 1 x 82mm
  • 2 x ATR
  • 1 x Ox-Cart

Leaders:  1 x LT COL, 1 x MAJ, 2 x CAPT, 4 x LT, 1 x SGT, 1 x KOM



Elements, 204th Division, 68th Army

Enter on the west edge of map 113 on turn 5 or later.


  • 5 x INF
  • 1 x 57mm Recoilless 
  • 6 x SMG
  • 1 x GAZ-67

Leaders:  1 x MAJ, 2 x CAPT, 5 x LT, 1 x SGT, 1 x KOM



Initiative: 3

Morale: NKPA: 7/6, CCF: 8/6

Off-Board Artillery: 1 x 18, 1 x 10



US Army

Elements, 38th and 23rd Regiments, 2nd Division

Set up second anywhere on map 111. All units in appropriate terrain may begin dug-in.       


  • 16 x INF
  • 2 x ENG
  • 1 x ENG Flame
  • 5 x HMG
  • 1 x I&R
  • 2 x 3.5in Bazooka Team


Leaders:  1 x LT COL, 1 x MAJ, 4 x CAPT, 6 x LT, 1 x SGT



US Army

Elements, 72nd Tank Battalion

Enter on the east edge of map 113 on turn 1 or later       


  • 2 x M4A3E8
  • 1 x Jeep 50-cal




Initiative: 3

Morale:   8/6

Off-Board Artillery: 1 x 30, 1 x 24, 3 x 18


Special Rules

1.      The North Korean/Chinese initiative is lowered by one for every 4 steps eliminated.

2.      The American initiative is lowered by one for every 5 steps eliminated, tanks count double.

  1. The VT Fuze rule is in effect. American on and off-board artillery fire gets a +3 column modifier.
Victory Conditions

The American player must control 4 or more the Entrenchment/Bunker counters free of undemoralized units to win.  Anything less is a North Korean/Chinese victory.   


Two battalions from the U.S. 2nd Division assaulted the last objective on Heartbreak Ridge-Hill 851 while in the Satiae-ri Valley Sherman tanks blasted away at the bunkers on the eastern slopes of Hill 851. By a fortunate coincidence the enemy was caught in the middle of relieving the North Korean V Corps in the Heartbreak Ridge and Mudung-ni area and American tankers raced over to Mundung-ni and inflicted heavy losses upon the Chinese troops trying to relieve them, cutting off supply and the replacement routes up the western slope to Heartbreak Ridge.


The Battle was not quite over and it would take several more days to secure Heartbreak Ridge with the French troops storming the peak after 30 days of hard combat on October 13th. Heartbreak Ridge was in possession of the 2nd Division to stay. The 2nd Division and attached French Battalion had suffered over 3,700 casualties from September 13th to October 15th.  The North Korean 6th, 12th and 13th Division and the CCF 204th Division all suffered an estimated 25,000 casualties in this time period.

Anyway, I hope sooner then later we see Intervention is some kind of format.
All of the Korea games look great and it's good to see The Forgotten War featured in PG. Maybe after my move to Virginia finances will allow me to get them.

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