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Way too slow!
I suppose it would be schadenfreude to take pleasure in hearing of the ills of a site that banned one?
Wow, I didn't even know CSW banned people! Congratulations PY! Big Grin
...came for the cardboard, stayed for the camaraderie...
(08-01-2017, 10:08 PM)Shad Wrote: Wow, I didn't even know CSW banned people! Congratulations PY! Big Grin

You must have forgotten: .  Oh, those were the days of revolutionary fervour!  Hagan lioBig Grin
Biggest issue I have now is I go to the newest of a thread with (in some cases) thousands of posts that I've already gone through over the years. Then when I eventually get back to the start the damn 're' messages are showing up. At over a minute for each flip back and forth to clear them I can't do that very long before patience is exhausted.
@PY, another designer in one of the BGG threads discussing CSW's troubles was saying that he refused to use BGG because it wouldn't grant him moderation privileges over "his" folders. All I could think of was AP's misuse of that authority! SAD!
...came for the cardboard, stayed for the camaraderie...
Oh, pretty much every publisher bans people from time to time or deletes large swaths of off-topic posts. AP isn't unique here.

Richard Berg quit CSW because his personality clashed with a number of people, some of whom were just absolute assholes about dealing with him (not that he's Mr. Sweetness and Light) and were basically allowed to continue.

BGG has it's share of jerk moderators. Nobody is perfect.
It looks like it's going down again tomorrow as they migrate to a new server and host. Here's what John Kranz said:

"Important Announcement

I appreciate everyone’s efforts and patience with the long-standing issues with the Forum. They came to a head one week ago, and we are still suffering from the results (lost subscriptions due to dbase corruption, slow forum performance as search index rebuilds, etc.).

Everyone has been so supportive of me all these years, it’s time for me to put up or shut up.

So starting tomorrow, we are taking the first step to migrate our forum service to Elliptics, who is the developers of this forum solution. They have much larger communities, and they have a much better hosting environment, so my goals are that we will have not only much better, enterprise level support, but they will actively help resolve the issues we’ve had with the forum all these years.

I’m basically putting the forum in their lap to finally have them solve it. Otherwise, I have no choice but to move quickly to find a new solution, which I understand would be extremely disruptive to everyone hear and involve an entire new interface and not contain all the discussions we have here.


Starting tomorrow (sometime), we are shutting down our server.

We are then going to be working to get all files to the new hosting facility. This alone could take a day, perhaps two at the most.

I’ll be working on some testing and updating our DNS IP address settings to make sure we are good to go in the new facility, and we will most likely get rid of our button toolbars we have now and go with Text-based toolbars instead to rapidly speed up the performance and loading of the site. We are going to do all we can to get this forum performing MUCH better. And again, if that is not the end result, then it’s clearly a problem with the forum software and it will be time to move on to a new solution.

So please bear with me as this is going to be a major move, along with a serious investment from my side to get the best hosting and resources around this forum community. If all goes well, I will be investing further, such as getting email subscription services added to this forum as I understand that is a popular feature.

My apologies again for all the problems we’ve experienced.

We will have another outage starting tomorrow, but my hope is that when we come out on the other end, you will notice a big difference in performance and hopefully we will be good to go from there!

I'm an IT hobbyist, not a professional, but every update makes my eyebrows go up. The statement that he must replace the buttons with text links to speed performance is insane. Those buttons were a couple of KB in all, at most... and the subscriptions being corrupted but apparently nothing else? None of the problems make any sense.
...came for the cardboard, stayed for the camaraderie...
Yeah, it looks like from the beginning of this crash/episode, he's been looking for any and every reason to upgrade.

I think a lot of members just like the familiarity of the old software setup. I have to say it grew on me as well...and most of the time CSW was much faster in response. I can't imagine checking subscriptions on BGG for a couple dozen folders. It would take hours with that slow response time.

Hopefully the new format will attract new participation but maintain ease of use/speed.

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