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Game Play Histogram?
I happened to wonder today about play frequency over time for various games.  Some might spike, but decay quickly; perhaps others have a greater longevity.  So curious as to whether there is or could be a way to plot the number of plays for a given game (or games selected) over a given time window (month or quarter) somewhat similar to the PGHQ Scenario Play & AAR Coverage Status Trend plot?   
Yeah I could create something like that. This sort of analysis was done in the Road to 1,000 (Plays) article and I was planning to make a new one now that we've passed 7,500 plays.

I also was considering just making many of those special graphs "live". I've got a new charting plug-in that looks promising.

If there are other queries you'd be interested in seeing feel free to list them in this thread and I'll add them to my own plan provided they're workable.
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