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[Dev Update] June notes
Hello again! I got bogged down doing the nation and formation patch, but almost all the related bugs have been squashed and we're moving forwards again.

2017 June Notes

  • Nation page loading speed massively improved (try Germany)
  • Formation page loading speed massively improved (try Heer)
  • Tour of Duty Medal #68
  • Tour of Duty Medal #69
Bug Fixes
  • lots of small stuff related to the Nations & Formations patch
2017 July Tasks
  • Adding more Library editing tools for moderators
  • Forum update
  • Creating a charts and play-aids section (finally! finally!)
  • 2017 Annual Awards
I think I might even play a scenario via VASSAL this month... we shall see. Big Grin
...came for the cardboard, stayed for the camaraderie...

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