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Question about efficient armor and direct fire
I don't know if the proper place to post this is here on in the PG rules section. 

The chart on page 5 of the rules says this  Efficient armor 

"Two AT shots OR move 1/2 and fire with -1 modifier (11.2)"

But 11:2 says:

Efficient armor units  ... can EITHER make two Direct Fire or AT fire attacks (not one of each)  on their activation OR move  up to one half their movement allowance in the same impulse ... and perform  Direct Fire or AT fire once  with a -1 modifier for moving.

Can (as per 11.2) efficient armor fire direct fire twice in the same impulse (if it does not move) or is table 5 correct and efficient armor can only take two AT shots if it does not move?

If 11.2 is correct then  that is a big departure form previous rules in that  it allows an  efficient  armor unit to fire at a stack twice in the same turn. For both AT fire and OP fire  are fired at individual targets (i.e  armor or a moving unit). But normal direct fire is fired at a  stack. 

Also, if 11.2 is correct and a non moving  efficient armor unit can fire  Direct Fire twice how do the combination rules work? Can  a stock of such units  combine their fire? If stacked with a non efficient armor unit can both the efficient armor unit and the non efficient armor unit in the stack fire once as a stack and then the  efficient armor  unit gets to fire direct fire  (this time  not as a stack) a second time. And can  a leader with a +1 fire bonus  enable two adjacent efficient armor units to fire direct fire as a stack twice?

And in regard to moving and firing in general, if a units  moves and then fires  how do the combining fire rules work? Can that direct fire after a move be combined with any other units direct fire? Not that the version 4 optional rules for efficient AFVs to move and fire in the same  impulse avoids this problem by limited that to AT fire and not to direct fire.

So having the ability  for AFVs to  direct fire twice or an efficient AFV or effient infantry to move  and fire direct fire in the same impulse opens up a whole can of worms for example regard to the  detailed mechanics of how one can do this in regard to  combined fire.  Does anyone have a good feel for what was intended?
I ended up making up my own house rule in regard to this. I allow efficient AFVs to take two AT or DF shots but that they can only take one at a time and then place a one shot fired marker on them. In subsequent impulses they can fire DF a second time and combine with whomever is in that stack and such. In the game I am playing they seldom got the chance to do so in that Fog of war roles tended to end the turn before they ever got around to firing hat second DF shot. BTW, I use the same rule for move and fire where the units move or fires on one impulse and the gets a n first shot fired ,marker and the gets to fire or move in a subsequent impulse and can combine fiore just as if it were firing normally (only it suffers the -1 penalty fpr having moves and fired. These house rules seemed to work pretty well.
I've always had efficient firers take 2 shots in the same impulse. That doesn't mean it's correct, though. Smile
I have as well up to now (and as I read it , that is how the official rules read).

But I am now liking this (as a house rule) in that it seems to better spread out the fire and works well with having two DF shots in regard to combined fire (which was my original reason for going with this approach).

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