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[Dev Update] May notes
Hi everyone! Hope you're heading into a great summer.

2017 May Notes

  • Game catalog page redone
  • Added more Library editing tools for moderators
  • Added VASSAL module Conquest of Ethiopia by plloyd1010
  • Added VASSAL module Dog Days by plloyd1010
Bug Fixes
  • Tour of Duty page games in progress member name link goes nowhere
  • Several ILS errors
  • Rare bug that made certain AAR comments invisible

2017 June Tasks
  • Adding more Library editing tools for moderators
  • Forum update
  • Creating a charts and play-aids section (finally!)
Also, we have our 7th birthday on June 6th and are fast approaching 7,500 recorded plays!
...came for the cardboard, stayed for the camaraderie...

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