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Detailed Play Examples?
I'd be happy to share, though it may prove not to be too helpful in the end.  Since I didn't have line drawings for a lot of the vehicles, I used bitmaps of colored drawings for the overhead vehicle shots, some of which I'd think are proprietary. I added some edge shading to give the counters a 3D look and made that a little too deep as well. I used PowerPoint of all things to create a lot of the counter graphics (usually use CorelDraw and Corel PhotoPaint) but saved them as *.png to load them into the game engine (I needed transparency capability for some reason...not sure why that was the case now). I wanted to go back a couple years later and lighten the color a bit on some of the counters and found I'd lost all the *.ppt files so didn't have any vector graphics left and was stuck with bitmaps...which is more trouble than it's worth to change the tint a shade or two.  If I wanted to reduce the size I know I'd start by making *.jpg out of all the *.png files...

Anyway...all that said...if you think it will help at all I'm happy to share.  It's a 237 MB file...what would be the best way to get it to you?
I use Box. If you use that or something similar (Google Drive and such), PM the link to me. Otherwise I change the share options on my Vassal folder and I will PM a link to you.

You needed transparency for layering and overlays (such as I do with tank leaders & masking).
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I recommend this iconic play of Saint Vith: The Fall from Elsenborn Ridge:  (there are four "chapters" in total).
Thanks for the link.  That was an informative and quite entertaining read.

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