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Road to Berlin Scenario 3 Viking Attack OOB Q's
Greetings from Alaska.

I believe that the PG-HQ unit tree for the above scenario should show Soviet Guards units, not RKKA units, except for the two T-34s specifically designated as RKKA. I used to game with Brian Knipple in Virginia Beach back in the day, and I can see him saying, "well, Nelson, that's why they're called Guards and why I designated only two tank units as RKKA".

That being said, there are only five Guards ATRs, not six as called for in the OoB. 


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On the first point, good catch. Should you find anymore, enter them in Errors & Omissions (the link is in lower right of the screen on the library pages). Anyway, we'll get this.

For the ATR shortage, use an RKKA ATR platoon. Just keep the DF difference in mind.
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OK thanks!

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