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Lotsa maps
Just received an absolutely new copy of PG vol 1 today..never even opened in the last 17 years.  (Managed to misplace my scenario book after mailing the first 5 scenarios to Italy) for $20.  That will give me 2 sets of mounted maps 1-3 and map 8, plus 2 sets of the 2006 set of revised maps 1-8, and in a month or so, a set of maps 1-8 in the new art produced for Fire on the Steppes.  Time to come up with a few macrogame scenarios featuring  3 or more of the same maps!  Since I bought several sets of German Hoardes accessory a while back, I can now mount an assault with all of Army Group Center during Typhoon at the platoon scale.  Got more bisons than the Wehrmacht ever fielded, and now I have two sets of Russian Bunkers.
This is the easy challenge.  In a few days I'm gonna have 2 sets of the Beyond Normandy maps and 3 sets of Afrika Korps maps.  So many Brits, so little time. I should be able to put together a boxed set for Campaigns and Commanders 2.

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