Poll: Which Optional Rules do you like?
Efficient Unit Move and Fire
Excess Initiative
Extended Assault
Fog of War
Formation Activation
Hidden Units
Limited Intelligence
Logistics and Supply
Multi-Player Games
Pre--Plotted Bombardment
Random Events
Recon by Fire
Smoke and Illumination
Strategic Movement
Tank Riders
Variable Nightime Spotting Range
None at all!
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Poll: Which Optional Rules do you like or not?
Some of these Optional Rules I like and some no way. Not that you have to use any of them but mark the ones you like, more then one for voting purposes if you want.
Granted, some rules depend if you are playing solo, FtF or multi-players. Others depend on the size of the scenarios, as I hate FOW on short scenarios. I am not a fan of the logistics and supply rule in a platoon level games and other rules just complicate things but some are pretty cool to try out once in awhile but not every game. Hidden rules are really only good for ftf games but not Solitary/Solo games. Then there are some rules that should be standard rules, like Overrun, Ruins, Strategic Movement and Tank Riders. But again these are just my opinions.
Vote for the rules you like, I should have mentioned!

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