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Jay's prayers answered
At long last, after years of imploring, Jay gets his wish.  A platoon of Jagdtigers appears in Spearhead!
Nice, very cool! I guess, I won't have to use the home-made ones anymore!
Don't throw out your home-made counters just yet if you need more than one jagstiger counter in a scenarios.
Don't worry Daniel, I keep all my home-made counters!

Now I can officially name Mike Bennighof, Ph.D. King of Panzer Grenadier with the Hunting Tiger Tank!
Actually Larry, my prayers would be answered if I get all my outstanding designs published! Smile
Nice.  Not too dissimilar compared with the "Tiger III" of Secret Weapons/GD'46 vintage.  The latter had 18-8 // 12-10 with its 150mm cannon, but the same movement and armor rating as the Jagdtiger.  

If I recall correctly, Jay's homebrew counters had a sort of brown-based camo scheme?  
Yeah, checking out my own counters, and comparing them to the new Jagdtiger (Hunting Tiger) which has a 4 MP, 8 AV, 12-6 DF and 12-8 AT while mine had a 3 MP, 8 AV, 9-8 DF and 12-10 AT, so I guess the new ones make more sense.

But rethinking my dream, it would be to win the lotto or power ball or similar! Smile

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