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Deal with "White Israelis"?
Yeah, AP is offering these counters in the die-cut format now. Not ready yet, but up on the last Gold-Club I believe. I might buy these, just to get them in die-cut.
I was lucky, my blue on white Israelis didn't come out toasty. The PLA, and UAR armies are all printed in shades of yellow-umber, and smoking them would have made them blend in with their opponents.
Mixed reviews on mine. I have the blue on white laser cut edition. The front of the Israeli counters have a bit of yellowing/scorching, but the backs are pristine. I may just buy the die cut set and be done with it. I'm not a huge fan of the laser cut counters anyway, and I have purchased a new set for every game that has since offered a die cut set of counters. Maybe that was the plan all along?
You've gotta get an extra set so you can double the number of Egyptian tank platoons in an otherwise historical scenario and your Israeli play can call out in shock "Pharoah's Chariots!".

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