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Rules Rule Changes for Infantry Attacks
Hello fellow Panzer Grenadiere.

A wargaming friend of mine has expressed an interest in playing August 1914. I know that APL is planning on releasing Fall of Empire sometime in the near future. Is APL planning on revising the rules for this series? We are concerned about assaults and artillery usage.

Thanks for attention.

Lucky Eddie
Last offical word was 2nd edition rules will appear with the fourth boxed release, a 2 map intro game set in or near the Ardennes in 1914, using two redrawn maps from the now out of print PG Bulge. Empires ( to be released soon, I know I've been saying that for 3 #@%¥£¶∆° years), and Larry of Araby are scheduled to use 1st edition rules. Empires really should be released early next year.

Please pardon the blue language.
Artillery rules modules will be enclosed in the soon to be released IA Empires Fall and the follow-up Lawrence of America.

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