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Trails on Bulge boards
Winter Soldiers has a Special Rule about Trails, defining them as the thin brown lines on the Bulge boards and giving the movement point costs and Foot unit allowance that are on the 4th Edition Rules TEC.

Many scenarios in Invasion of Germany use Bulge boards but there is no mention of movement point costs for trails in the scenario book, and trails are not listed on the 3rd Edition Rules TEC.

I have an old copy of BotB (mounted boards and 2nd Edition Rules). Trails are printed on the maps but are not mentioned in the Scenario Book and are not listed on the TEC.

Would I be correct in assuming that the thin brown lines were considered as roads by the BotB and IoG scenario developers, and have been used as roads by players?

I would consider them trails. Mostly they seem to exist get through the woods.
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