Poll: Dice preference poll - select any and all you agree with!
10mm or less - the PG-HQ dice should be small
12 to 16mm - the PG-HQ dice should be standard
20mm+ - go big or go home! Make the PG-HQ dice HUGE!
The pips should be flush with the face.
The pips should be indented from the face.
The corners should be as sharp as possible.
The corners should be rounded.
I am boring and the dice should be white.
I like colored dice - green, black, whatever!
I have no opinion but do enjoy polls!
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Dice size poll! Get in here!
Rulers out, lads!

It's time to design the PG-HQ custom dice that all our brave supporters will receive as thanks for their generosity!

I've had a look through my dice collection and came up with the following size observations:
  • 7mm - these are the Avalanche Press "dice" they used to include to placate whiners, utterly useless
  • 12mm - rollable, but a bit small. I think mine came with Ambush! ?
  • 14mm - your standard size
  • 16mm - mine have rounded corners, these are my favorite, meaty and easy to read
But don't hold back - we can go bigger! Do you want to roll dice 30mm on a side? WE CAN DO THAT!

Lemme know in the poll please! I'm going to let this run for a bit before I start working with my supplier.

Lastly, if you're not yet a PG-HQ supporter, you still have time to sign up and earn your dice! Check it out here!
...came for the cardboard, stayed for the camaraderie...

Always read the directions before you hit submit. I only picked the size. Please add indented pips, rounded corners and colored dice to my preferences!
No "minor" country left behind...
I use dice that match the color of the counters whenever possible so for me, 16mm dice matching the color of the Italian colonial troop counters would be ideal.

But any color will do, as long it's one color and not like the useless multi-colored dice that are often included in AvP games.
We use the dice digitally, so 2 colors for each side. Red & white are standard, but any 2 colors will do.
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Quote:Do you want to roll dice 30mm on a side? WE CAN DO THAT!

The problem with larger dice is that they don't rotate very well in a reasonably sized dice cup or dice tower. So, standard size (12-16mm) seems best for those of us that roll them out into the box cover as a makeshift dice tray. Otoh, for those folks with a Vegas size gaming table, size doesn't matter Smile

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