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Return on investment
As it finally becomes obvious that Fall of Empires and Larry of Arabia will be shipping shortly, its nice to review the rewards of patience.  I preordered the single game then known as Imperial Grenadier for $80 in 2008.  In 2010 my local game store told me Avalanche was moribund. The next day August 1914 showed up on my porch.  This year I'll be receiving Empires as well as Edelweiss Division and Imperial Guard 2016 retail value $64.95 + 99.95 + 24.95 + 24.95.  Now half of the bonus books came from adding Larry to the order, but that's still 189.90 retail return on an 80 dollar investment.  Not to mention the added play value of 60 more scenarios than I bargained for. Shy

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