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Sergeants Miniatures Games
I've always enjoyed both board and minis games since I found the hobby in the early '70s.  At Cincycon this year, I got a chance to try out a demo game of Sergeants Miniatures Game's Day of Days and got hooked.  I don't know if it is a minis game played on a board or a board game played with minis, but I like getting a miniatures game that can be played in minutes after opening the box.  The 20mm pewter figures are pre-painted and just require a moment to use the glue dots included to stick to their base.  The card driven game system does everything from determining phases during the turn to what damage is done from a weapon shot or grenade toss.  Figures are all named characters, with statistic cards for each one.  It is a bit expensive, and $90 for the base game, but it comes with a bunch of board sections, story and character cards and 10 painted miniatures.  Good game for a Tarot reader since 'it's all in the cards'.  Angel   And, with some of our PG games costing that much or more, it's not that big a deal.  More packs of painted figures are available to build your squads, and an upcoming release will introduce tanks to the game.  I wish I had had this game 24 years ago when trying to train a few young soldiers in field skills, but at the time, the best game available was the old Avalon Hill game, Firepower.  Having the minis on the table makes a big difference.  For more information on the game system and it's expansions and accessories, look at  There are even a bunch of example videos linked from there.

Tom Oxley
"Kill them all, let God sort them out."
I played a couple of scenarios at Historicon 2015 and while they were fun, I was not sure my pre-teen would like it more than the games we currently play.

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