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Initial skills would be based on the relevant game or environment. I would do a little redistributing to split the rural and forest/jungle assault skills.

Drew: Since the character rules follow the regular numbering format, how about adding them to the annotated rules section? Obviously we would not add the modifications here. We might link to them, or an attached document.
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Leader service records
Skills table would look like this?
Assault SkillsCombat SkillsMiscellaneous Skills
Urban Assault SpecialistRifle Combat SpecialistAdvanced Driver
Wooded/Jungle Assault SpecialistMortarman/ArtilleristIncreased Endurance
Rural Assault SpecialistAnti-Tank SpecialistSneaky Bastard
Night Assault SpecialistMachinegun SpecialistCavalry Leader
Assault Combat SpecialistForward ObserverPathfinder
Nine Lives

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