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Slowing Down A Bit
After making 1LT in just over 2 years of playing an average of 3 games a week, things are slowing down a bit.  My usually quiet Fridays that have been ideal for a game have been overrun by a new coworker who insists on working on Fridays and making sure I have plenty to do.  And my wife has recently had surgery, so some weekends are a bit more disrupted by needing to do the household things that she can't do for the time being.  That, and it is convention season around here for miniatures games, distracting me from my PG games to run or play something, making sure the correct number of painted models is ready for this or that game, and subjecting me to seeing new games that take my attention, such as a Sergeants Miniatures game that I played at Cincycon that has grabbed my attention.  Still aiming for a game each week, but I really want to get some of the War at Sea and PG Modern stuff on the table as well, so it will mean my playing and reporting will slow down a bit.

Tom Oxley
"Kill them all, let God sort them out."
What?!? Slowing down?!?

This is simply unacceptable. You must continue to play at your highest pace just like me...

No "minor" country left behind...

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