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Does anyone have a complete list....
of the GWAS and SWWAS titles?

I'm looking to fill in some gaps in my collection, and I know I'm missing some of the earliest titles, especially first edition modules that have since been replaced (such as 1904-1905, which is now Russo-Japanese War).

Thank you in advance,

Black Sea Fleet..published by Just Plain Wargames..the first iteration of the GWASsystem.
Gwas Med
Gwas Northern Waters
Gwas US Navy Plan Orange
US Navy Plan Black
US Navy Plan Red
2nd edition Med
Troubled Seas. (More scenarios for Red)
Black Waters (More scenarios for Black)
South China Sea (still more Red)
Pacific Crossroads
US Navy Plan Scarlet
Great White Fleet 1st
Great White Fleet 2nd
Confederate States Navy download edition
CSN print edition , different ships & scenarios
USN Plan Crimson download version
USN Plan Crimson print edition different scenarios and ships
Gwas Reichsmarin . (Includes the biggest scenario ever, Britain & Japan vs whole damn world)
Gwas Prizes of War.
Csn Plan Blue
Us Navy Plan Gold
Cruiser Warfare

There have also been minor expansions in GC insiders.  And a number of additional troop markers and coastal artillery pieces which can be found at either board game geek or web-grognards.
Plus 50% of Cone of Fire. Russo-Japanese war, Remember the Maine, 2nd edition Plan Red.

SWWAS tomorrow.
(01-04-2016, 12:26 PM)larry marak Wrote: Plus 50% of Cone of Fire. Russo-Japanese war, Remember the Maine, 2nd edition Plan Red.

SWWAS tomorrow.

Dutch East Indies
Bay of Bengal
High. Seas Fleet
Triple Alliance
Central Powers

In total, 37 products from AVP, + 1 forerunner from another publisher.

In my first post I mislabeled Sea of Troubles as Troubled Seas.

The 2 avalanche naval systems are just as large and developed as PG.
South Strike
Eastern Fleet
Leyte Gulf
Coral Sea
Horn of Africa
Bomb Alley
Arctic Convoy
Sea of Iron
Distant Oceans
Straits of Magellan
Orange Waters
Royal & Imperial Navy
The Tsar's Navy
Spice Islands
The Kaiser's Navy
The Hapsburg Fleet
Royal Netherlands Navy
Black Sea Fleets
Combined Fleet
East of Suez

23 publications
Plan Red for gwas and Bismark for swwas have the most follow up support.
Don't forget expansion ships and scenarios published in the gold club journal.
Wow!!! Quiet an exhaustive list , Larry, thank you!!! Turns out I'm missing more than I thought. I think Black Sea Fleet will turn into an Albatross for me as I haven't seen it another online as of yet. Probably the same with Leyte Gulf. The cheapest I've seen it on eBay was $265 and I've never spent that much on a single game in my life (and I've made some ridiculous expenditures in my time). I definitely have more SWWAS than I do GWAS but that was probably intentional as the Great War doesn't seem to hold my interest in any format for very long.

All in all though, great lists and I thank you for taking the time to make the effort. If I can reciprocate at some later date, please feel free to call upon me!!

Last minute additions:

Destroyers for gwas

Transports for swwas
Torpedo Boats for swwas.

These are vanity countersheets, just made to make your game look GOOD.
Can't help but ask - do you own all this stuff, Larry? Or do you have Mike B. tied up in your basement and he's slowly confessing to these releases during water-boarding sessions? Big Grin
...came for the cardboard, stayed for the camaraderie...

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